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Pattern-Signature generation

logiqctl is equipped with log Pattern-Signature (PS) generation and post-PS statistical analysis. You can automatically derive common text patterns in all the logs ingested by the logiqctl client using the -g flag. You can run Pattern-Signature generation using the -g flag in the following commands:

The executable binary psmod processes PS generation. In order to run the psmod binary, ensure that you copy the binary that's suitable for your platform's architecture or operating system, rename it to psmod, and place it in the same location as logiqctl. For example, if you're if you're running logiqctl on a Darwin AMD64-based machine, copy the logiqctl_darwin_amd64 and psmod_darwin_amd64 binaries to a folder and rename psmod_darwin_amd64 to psmod before running logiqctl.

Generated pattern signatures are transferred to and available in the ps_stat.out file.

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