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logiqctl config

Modify your logiqctl configuration.


The 'logiqctl config' command lets you configure your LOGIQ CLI. If this is your first time configuring logiqctl, you'll need an API token in order to use this command. To know how to generate an API token, read [].

Note: The values you provide during configuration will be written to the configuration file located at (~/.logiqctl)


View current context
    logiqctl config view

Runs an interactive prompt that lets you configure logiqctl
    logiqctl config init

Set default cluster
    logiqctl config set-cluster END-POINT

Set default context
    logiqctl config set-context namespace

Runs an interactive prompt and lets you select a namespace from a list of namespaces
    logiqctl config set-context i

Set API token
    logiqctl config set-token api_token


  -h, --help   help for config

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --cluster string       Override the default cluster set by `logiqctl set-cluster' command
  -n, --namespace string     Override the default context set by `logiqctl set-context' command
  -o, --output string        Output format. One of: table|json|yaml. 
                             JSON output is not indented, use '| jq' for advanced JSON operations (default "table")
  -t, --time-format string   Time formatting options. One of: relative|epoch|RFC3339. 
                             This is only applicable when the output format is table. JSON and YAML outputs will have time in epoch seconds. (default "relative")


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