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logiqctl create dashboard

logiqctl create dashboard

Create a dashboard


The crowd-sourced dashboards available in can be downloaded and applied to any clusters. One can also export dashboards created using "logiqctl get dashboard" command and apply on different clusters.

logiqctl create dashboard [flags]


logiqctl create dashboard|d -f <path to dashboard spec>


  -f, --file string   Path to file
  -h, --help          help for dashboard

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --cluster string       Override the default cluster set by `logiqctl set-cluster' command
  -n, --namespace string     Override the default context set by `logiqctl set-context' command
  -o, --output string        Output format. One of: table|json|yaml. 
                             JSON output is not indented, use '| jq' for advanced JSON operations (default "table")
  -t, --time-format string   Time formatting options. One of: relative|epoch|RFC3339. 
                             This is only applicable when the output format is table. JSON and YAML outputs will have time in epoch seconds. (default "relative")


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