logiqctl create

Create a resource


Creates a resource from a resource specification


Create a dashboard
logiqctl create dashboard -f <path to dashboard_spec_file.json>
Create eventrules
logiqctl create eventrules -f <path to eventrules_file.json>


-h, --help help for create

Options inherited from parent commands

-c, --cluster string Override the default cluster set by `logiqctl set-cluster' command
-n, --namespace string Override the default context set by `logiqctl set-context' command
-o, --output string Output format. One of: table|json|yaml.
json output is not indented, use '| jq' for advanced json operations (default "table")
-t, --time-format string Time formatting options. One of: relative|epoch|RFC3339.
This is only applicable when the output format is table. json and yaml outputs will have time in epoch seconds. (default "relative")